About the voice-over

Now I think back on it, my career actually already began at the age of 12. I will leave aside how long ago this is. A discovery that would change my life in my father’s cupboard: a vintage microphone. I had coincidentally already found a rusty tape recorder in the attic. Tried to plug it in anyway. It’s alive!
Since then there was no stopping me. The floodgates are open. And the pubescent squeaky voice has become a lot warmer, stronger and more resonant. Fortunately, as there was no lack of commercials and promotions. Originally full of devotion for the local butcher, these days in commercials and trailers of many big names.
From hobby to profession. And back again. Because I still like to mess about as a voice acrobat in (youth) theatre or in guest appearances on TV. Meanwhile I’ve also got a nice track record as a professional voice-over and radio personality. You’ve undoubtedly heard me on TV. And on Q-music of course. As a resident voice. As fixed as the carpet in its studio. Eleven years… and counting!
And when I’m not sitting, hanging or lying in the studio? Then I enjoy the company of my family, two cats, a dog and an orange bass guitar. With flames. Although the latter urgently needs tuning…