Sound bites

A voice says more than a thousand words. Well, sort of. Let me therefore clear my throat and give you a taste of my sound. Here you can listen electronically to several show reels – sound bytes so to speak – from commercials, radio imaging, film trailers, TV promos, audio guides, web videos, games and more.

I recently recorded:
Harry Potter Playstation 3,Nicki Minaj, audio guide Flanders Fields, McDonald’s, Kanaal Z, Nitro Circus, Walking with Dinosaurs, Titanic, New Kids On The Block & Backstreet Boys Live in Concert '12, Michael Jackson Immortal, Michael Bublé, Decathlon, Milow, Il Divo, Maximum Hit Music, Cirque Du Soleil and Cars 2.

Check this page regularly for the latest commercials!
I’m hearing voices